It makes my pepper soup somewhat reddish. Another easy way of preparing catfish is to make it into pepper soup. Add the sliced utazi, salt and (ordinary) pepper to taste. Catfish pepper soup (point and kill) is the most popular fish pepper soup in Nigeria. Ingredients for Yam Pepper Soup. Sparkles says. Cat Fish Peppersoup. Traditionally some of the spices used for making catfish pepper soup are known to be of help both to the sick and new mothers. There are … Read More I’m getting married in a few weeks I’m looking forward to trying a new recipe every other week for my new husband!!! Tilapia and Yam Pepper soup is really just parboiled yam cooked in fish broth. Yam pepper soup (Ji mmiri oku) is pepper soup with yam added, a good blend of spices, herbs and ask if a pregnant woman. Boiled yam and catfish pepper soup Jane E. Wanted to cook something special for my daughters. July 14, 2014. Catfish pepper soup is another healthy way of cooking catfish aside grilling as you have the chance to add some healthy spices of your choice. If you are interested in exploring Nigerian foods, this delicious soup would definitely spur your interest in Nigerian foods. 1.5kg (3.3 lbs) assorted beef. Place the yam in a soup pot and pour some water over it. Reply. {Make ready of Fresh pepper. Tilapia and Yam Pepper soup is really just parboiled yam cooked in fish broth. dooneyrooney says. The best fish to use is Catfish as it is naturally tasty however, Tilapia is easier to come by in these parts, so I find myself using Tilapia more often than not. Catfish Pepper Soup should always be served hot. To get started with this recipe, we have to prepare a few ingredients. 1/2 teaspoon of crushed dry bitter leaves. Catfish pepper soup is one of Nigerian’s most popular evening recipes. I used: Beef; Shaki (cow tripe) aaaaaaw, congrats Wande. It is cooked with some yam and plantain, it is so comforting and utterly delicious. Paprika is a spice made from the dried fruit of red bell pepper. I have been putting this away for a very long time because of the complexity of the recipe. Nigerian Catfish Pepper Soup (popularly known as Point & Kill) is that Nigerian pepper soup that is usually eaten in exclusive Nigerian bars and restaurants. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply. Method. 3 servings Ingredients. This pepper soup packed full of flavour from the natural ingredients used. Visit Food to get updates on latest food recipes in Agathas Cusine. Bring to a roaring boil; then reduce the heat and add the catfish to the pot, chop in the left over onion, add the other half of the pepper soup spice, crayfish and dry pepper. – 150grams Yam (you can use the hard sweet potato as a substitute) – 500 grams Fresh Fish(You can use Catfish, Conger eel, Tilapia or any tasty fish of choice)– 1 tablespoonful Ground Crayfish – 1 medium onion (chopped) – 1/2 Scotch bonnet Pepper( atarodo) (chopped)(use ground chili peppers as substitute) – 1 tablespoonful pepper soup spice mix Apart from assorted meat, goat meat can be substituted especially if you like that authentic gamy flavor from goat meat, however, you can also use catfish to make a tasty yam and catfish pepper soup which is another delicious version. Instructions to make Catfish pepper soup with Irish potatoes: Wash ur catfish properly with salt and put inside poty. Afang soup and pounded yam. Nigerian Catfish Pepper Soup wey plenti people for Nigeria sabi am as ‘Point and Kil’, be one very porpular soup for Naija wey you go see for any restaurants and bar. To prevent your catfish from disintegrating in your pot of soup, use the hot water method. Note. It can be eaten alone with a chilled drink. Assorted Meat Pepper Soup is an appetizer but when we want to have Pepper Soup as a main meal we serve it with a staple food such as boiled white rice or we add yam when preparing the pepper soup. Fantastic Favour 43,665 views Nigerian goat meat pepper soup. Pepper soup is really a comforting dish during cold time, but even during normal or hot weather, pepper soup is well acceptable.Yam with catfish pepper soup is a special yam recipe and another form of making pepper soup with catfish; this pepper soup is very simple and healthy for everyone.Yam with catfish pepper soup is simply parboiled yam cooked in fish broth. Yam pepper soup is simply your regular pepper soup with a touch of difference. Typically, this meal originated from the South-south; as a western Nigerian, I remember while growing up, yam and fish stew were served as breakfast at namings, Christmas and New year days in my home. {Get of Crayfish. Yam Recipes. Cooked your yam and catfish pepper soup yesterday and it was a success. I was hoping to create a recipe that you could easily follow or replicate. Tilapia Fish pepper soup would have to be one of my favourite Nigerian Fish Pepper Soup. Add the Paprika – a teaspoon. Do not overload your fresh fish pepper soup with too many seasoning and spices. It is so simple to cook and takes less than 20 minutes. Peel ur Irish potatoes and wash set aside. {Get of Pepper soup … In a separate pot, bring the catfish to boil with the peppers, african nutmeg, crayfish head, ehuru, uda, seasoning cubes, bitter leaves and uziza. chicken peppersoup with irish Potatoes. That is how to prepare afang soup, it can be served with fufu, eba, pounded yam, wheat. June 12, 2014 at 5:56 pm. May 27, 2014 at 12:18 pm. Reply. Serve your Catfish pepper soup with boiled yam, plantain, rice, agidi (eko, corn paste pudding) etc. I love to eat it with Agidi, Boiled White Rice, or Boiled Yam. Yam pepper soup is another form of making pepper soup with assorted meat; it is a good blend of carbohydrates and proteins which works well for metabolism. Your email address will not be published. Catfish pepper soup point and kill is a popular Nigerian food that got its name from the way and manner you will always point to choose the particular fish you desire before they kill, in the same vein, they prepare a hot catfish pepper soup dish for you that will always make you come back next time for more in most Nigerian restaurants and local bar. How to make pepper soup with goat meat | Very easy and tasty! Yam Pepper Soup [Video] Ji Mmiri Oku. 1 teaspoon of chopped Uziza. Here is how you cook it. Catfish pepper soup with yam. Add the pepper soup spice, the ground ehu, uziza, crayfish, and remaining onions. Season with salt, the bouillon cube and the ehuru and pepper(ata rodo) blend. - Duration: 4:55. Chichi Dishes. Today at 12:35 AM 10 small pieces of Yam. The hot water hardens the flesh so you can cook it long enough to get the seasonings and spices into the fish. Your husband is in for a treat . The ingredients needed to make Catfish pepper soup : {Make ready of Cat fish. So excited to try out your other recipes. The best fish to use is Catfish as it is naturally tasty however, Tilapia is easier to come by in these parts, so I find myself using Tilapia more often than not. Catfish pepper soup is another variation of Nigerian pepper soup. Pepper Soup (Fresh Fish And Yam) | Nigerian food: It is called diverse names to various ethnic groups in Nigeria, some call it Yam Pepper Soup, Fresh Fish and Yam Pepper Soup … Afang soup is fast climbing the top of the list of popular Nigerian soup. When last…» My catfish pepper soup is the most delicious, I am talking about how to make the point and kill peppersoup, all the ingredients used and even a … Jan 5, 2017 - Catfish can be prepared in many ways such as boiled, grilled, baked and fried catfish. You can have catfish pepper soup using 7 ingredients and 2 steps. In a pot, bring the yam to boil for about 10-15 minutes and set aside. So I came up with one of their favorite meals. It is extremely easy and quick to make, a simple Nigerian side dish that is … Seasoning Cubes.

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